About this blog

The goal of the mathematical sciences is to study complex phenomena deeply enough to see their underlying simplicity. Ideally, the most basic ingredients are simple enough that we can use them to tackle yet more complex problems.

I’m Derek Wise, a mathematical physicist excited about multiple facets of the mathematical sciences: pure, applied, and computational. I’m currently working mainly on mathematical areas of computation, especially Artificial Intelligence.  In the past, I’ve worked on fundamental physics, geometry, topology, algebra, and applications of higher category theory; some of the fruits of that work can be found in my publications on the arXiv or Inspire.

Simplicity is my blog, mostly about mathematics, physics, and computation.  It’s a place for me to explain things, collect ideas, and have fun.  Have a look!  Feel free to reach out by commenting on any of my posts, or emailing me at myfirstname dot k dot mylastname at gmail, with appropriate substitutions.

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